Flower Care

There are many benefits to conditioning your roses. It will help them stay strong and beautiful, as well as increase their lifespan! Follow these instructions carefully so you can get the most out of those gorgeous blooms on your plant.

To reveal the perfect bloom, gently pull off and discard two or three outermost petals which are the guard petals. It is normal for petals to be slightly creased or brown.

When it comes to cutting flowers, a pair of good scissors will do just fine if they're used correctly and can even be helpful in trimming stems at least 2 cm off at a 45° angle.

To get the most out of your flowers, fill a clean vase with lukewarm tap water. Once you’ve trimmed stems (after making sure there are no leaves or dirt on them), pop it in! It is advised to change the water every day so that bacteria doesn't grow.